Moving Licenses - Apache 2.0 to MIT

Yesterday, I decided to switch the license that I apply to my personal projects. Many open source projects use the Apache 2.0 license. After reading through it a few times, I liked the level of coverage that it provided. It was however a bit wordy in my opinion. These were often simple little side projects that I was hacking on in my free time.

After some discussion with others in the community and a few podcasts, I decided to make a switch. I wanted to preserve a lot of what the Apache license granted, but simplify the wording quite a bit. The MIT license enables many of the same grants, while reducing the verbiage used to describe them. As an Engineer, I understand MIT much more than I understand the Apache license. From discussions, the MIT license often presents a lower barrier to entry when compared to Apache. This was exactly what I was looking for on my side projects.