Returning to Indeed

In November 2018, I decided to return to The decision to return did not come easy. Since then, I have frequently been asked about my reasons for rejoining. In this post, I hope to cover my interviewing process and some reasons that I had for returning.

One of the easiest decisions I had to make at the time was to begin interviewing again. Dosh was not working out, for many reasons. I won’t dive into my reasons here, but you can get the gist from Glassdoor. After deciding to leave 3 months into the new job, I needed to figure out what to pursue.

For the most part, I focused on Senior Software Engineer roles (the role I had at the time). After a month on the hunt, one of my friends had also decided to leave Indeed. Despite knowing there were bound to be some “fun” conversations, I went to their going away party. Sure enough, I had run into a former director who asked about how things were going. In the course of our conversation, the topic about returning to Indeed had come up.

Over the next few months, my interviews progressed well. At the same time, I followed up with the director to continue our conversation. While we continued our conversation, I learned about many of the things that were ongoing. Namely their efforts to move to Kubernetes and adoption of cloud native practices.

After being on the interview train for three months, I was ready to be done with it all. The hour and a half drive to Bee Cave was unbearable for the little work that I was doing. Having taken all the leads into consideration, the one that was most promising was rejoining Indeed.

Now here we are, one year later. I’ve rotated through on a few of our infrastructure teams. I’ve lead our efforts toward a unified runtime platform. I’ve been promoted to a Principal Engineer. And for the most part, I’ve found rejoining the company to be all too familiar. There have been several moments where I’ve needed to consult with or involve HR. But most people have been receptive upon my return.